Hi, I’m grizzbear40. The name came about because a lady friend used to call me Mr Bear. Since then I have become more grizzly as I have got older so grizzbear it is. The 40 was added because that’s a good age isn’t it? Actually not true, I couldn’t get grizzbear by itself and had to add something else to it.

This blog is about bugging out and what that means is getting away from it all by camping, trekking in quiet, peaceful or secret places. Preppers use the term bug out in the event of an emergency such as civil unrest, natural disaster or a war situation.

One of the above scenarios is Electro Magnetic Pulse or EMP for short. This can occur by activity from the sun – solar flares etc or the detonation of a nuclear weapon at high altitude. The science or knowledge of EMP is a little sketchy i.e. the effects can be based on speculation but at their worst could send our society back to circa 1900 if not earlier.

The liklihood of such an occurence has increased with North Korea obtaining nuclear weapons and the possibillity of the Islamic world  using EMP to drag the infidel West back down to their level.

I am not a hard line prepper but I have always had a survivalist outlook. Some years back we sold up a modern house with all mod cons and purchased a smallholding in the UK West Country – Cornwall to be more precise. Self sufficiency was what it was all about so I and the family have raised pigs, hens, commercial rabbits, cattle and goats. Used wood for heating and cooking. More about that later.

So, I keep an open mind about prepping and think about surviving without electricity and gas. And let’s face it we don’t need an EMP event to lose electricity and gas. Just two or three years back there were devastating floods in the North West at Christmas time. All energy supplies were lost for up to a week before they were restored. Not only that but there was no drinkable tap water available and bottle water had to be distributed.

I personally would find that scenario unbearable so to that end I have spent some time researching the options and will be blogging here about my findings plus uploading  vid. to YouTube.

I will be discussing tents, stoves, utensils, drinking water filters and other equipment for creating a base camp and trekking with lightweight gear.  There are many pitfalls in choosing gear and I have taken the time to thoroughly research the best for the purpose.